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Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game similar to Spades. It's very popular in Nepal and India. The vintage game of cards features 4 players with 13 cards each to offer virtual gaming experience. There will be five deals/round in a game. Starting a game with a bid/call, a player can compete against 3 computer players with effective artificial intelligence. Initiating a game by throwing a single card of any suit (club,diamond,heart,spade), the other players also follow the same suit unless they runs out of that particular suit. Absence of identical suit allows player to throw a card of another suit and the current round is won by highest card. Spade cards can be used to conquer other cards when no more cards of the same suit are there to offer.e.g. 2 of spade can conquer any higher cards of other suits. If all the players run out of both identical led suit and Spades card then the led card wins regardless of any suit. Play and have a joyful digital experience of one of the legendary game of cards on your phone or tablet.


1. Minimalistic UI, simple and attractive design

2. Smooth animations, runs decently on low end and old devices also.

3. Counter-clockwise turn rotation like in real game play

4. Game play speed controller with 3 speeds (slow, normal and fast)

5. Table background

This game is locally known in India as Lakdi or Lakadi and in Nepal as Call Break, and it is called Ghochi as well in some regions.

About user data and permissions uses:

-Call Break++ accesses information pertaining to your device name, operating system version, carrier, geo-location, IP address for analytics purpose so that we can provide a better game experience.

Neoclassic Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Android 4.0+
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