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BRAVE App Description

Action RPG "BRAVE" of a nostalgic feeling!

I handle a sword and magic,

Defeat an enemy to wait for in the future to go hard,

I look for Orb unexploited somewhere.

Can you arrive till the last?

Tablets support.

++++ APP-InPurchase ++++

+add 3step attack.

+Recovery speed up.

+Can play after getting the orb of Gaia.

★ Operation explanation ★

With a cross key and an attack button, the magic button in the screen

I push forward a game.

■ HP, MP recovery

In the HP, recovery is possible by a Aid Box, meat to obtain on the way.

MP is restored with a bottle of the magic, magic medicine.

After uniformity time, Player recover automatically when I operate nothing.

■ Soul of the demon

The soul of the demon appears when I defeat an enemy.

The chief character is to collect these

I can give a strong attack.

■3 step's Attack

You can use stab-attack and jump-attack after normal-attack,

if you push a 'attack button' when your attack is successful.

■ Finisher

When you push the extra button,

I begin to save power and exercise a finisher when you push a button again.

When the blue gauge under the screen turned into purple,

Stronger finishers usually exercise it when they give a finisher.

■ Magic

You can use it for the first time by getting seeds of the magic.

A change is possible with an equipment screen.

■ A treasure chest, item

It is put everywhere.

It holds weapons and a armor and necessary items entering in various ways.

In addition, the treasure chest appears when You defeat all the enemies in the screen,

In pushing the attack button with tree bases, in water,

so there is the item which I can find.

Please find all items.

■ Preservation of the equipment, game data

When I choose "MENU" of the screen right,

You can use items, confirm the status, save a game data.

Android 4.4+
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