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Brain Up is a suit of 8 addictive mini brain teaser games each of which targets a specific part of your brain. These games are very simple and effective.Continued playing of these games improves memory, speed, flexibility and problem solving skills of your brain. It means challenging both hemispheres. After a while you’ll notice an obvious improvement in your concentration and performance.Brain Up is for everyone who loves brain training and mind games. You can use and be benefited regardless of age, gender and educational background.Brain Up has a global score board. It’s exciting when you compare your best scores with others who have played the games all around the world. You can see your ranking in each game and you get your brain score.Brain score is a point (something similar to IQ but scaled between 0 and 100) that’s calculated based on other players best scores. With brain score you can test your brain power in comparison with other players. If you do your best in each game, the brain score could be very realistic.Games and categories:1) Memory: These games improve visual and short-term memory • True Matrix • Simon2) Speed: These games improve speed, focus and reflex • Count Speed • Symbol Match3) Flexibility: These games improve flexibility, concentration and switching speed between left and right brain hemispheres • Genuine Color • Place Match4) Problem solving: These games improve reasoning, logic and arithmetic • Right Pattern • Compare RoomFeatures: • Main Profile • Guest Profile (the player can play each game but the scores will not be saved) • Global score board • Ranking for each game • Overall brain score • Detailed brain score • Scores History Please fill your profile with real information to help us add new exciting reports.

Rational Cell Co
Android 2.3.4+
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