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Do you want to hit up league night and launch a career or do you just want to bowl? For those interested in the latter, there is quick play. Bowling 3D Ultimate Brunswick keeps it simple right from the get-go.One to four players can lace up their bowling shoes, choose one of the premade bowlers, and get to rolling. For those inclined toward the former, it's not quite as speedy as all that. First, you must design your character, choosing gender, hairstyle, clothing, and body type from existing palettes. Facial expressions range from focused or irritated to downright glum, and the slow speed with which you will cycle through these, or any, menu options will ensure you get a good look at them in all their unremarkable splendor. Once you complete this ponderous process, it's off to league night for some head-to-head competition.League nights pit you against a random computer opponent in a three-game competition. If you win two or more games, you'll be declared the winner, earn money, and improve your reputation. Money can be spent at the Pro Shop on, what else, Brunswick gear, which can give your bowler's attributes a boost. These attributes, such as stamina, accuracy, and arm strength, actively influence the quality of the shots your bowler can make. And throughout the course of the league night, you'll gradually notice this improvement. Attributes increase throughout the course of your career, but the bonuses afforded by Brunswick gear are a helpful boost. You'll need to trudge through a fair amount of league play to earn the money and reputation needed for tournament. Winning tournaments will earn you access to more advanced leagues, where you rinse and repeat your previous experiences against tougher opponents.The King of bowling has been distilled into a few simple parts that make sending the ball where you want it to go fairly achievable. As you gaze down the lane, you set the angle and position of your release, as well as the amount of spin your ball will carry. To send the ball rolling, you'll use a sickle-shaped meter, pulling down on the analog stick to determine your accuracy then pushing forward to determine the strength of your release. Whether your ball actually goes where you want it to or not is also mitigated by your bowler's attributes and fatigue level. Download Bowling 3D Ultimate Brunswick now!

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4.0.3 and up
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