Bobo's Trouble

1.4.3 for Android Nepix

The description of Bobo's Trouble

HELP A PURE CONTAINER SHEEP LOADER BOBO:- move and arrange containers and earn money;- buy for his wife everything she wants;- and take a look at what it can bring... :)Genre: humorous cube puzzle game (you need to connect-move cubes-containers for the smallest possible number of moves). The game with sequels: Bobo’s troubles will be many more :)PLOT: Bobo is working as a loader on a large container ship. Bobo is a good guy, but a bad loader: he earns so little that he cannot buy anything from his family, even a new light bulb. From here there are problems, even the cat is indignant: (You need to help Vova earn more money and spend it on his wife.The final will be unexpected, but it happens in life too :)HOW TO PLAY: the principle is the same as in other logical games like "cubes". You need to move the cubes containers in the least amount of moves. If in the first levels they can be moved one by one, then in the future it is necessary to connect them: vertically, horizontally, a broken line, etc.ABOUT COINS. Coins are counted, as in all other games "stars". If you have passed the level perfectly - you are given 3 stars (here - coins). Good - 2 stars, etc. If the level is very bad, you can get 0 coins, but the new level will be unlocked anyway.Before each new level block, be sure to read the hint (or watch the video hint). Some players do not like the "rules of the road," and by clicking on the cube - immediately pulls it. What does he think in this case?"Bug, glitch, error, does not work! .." And here and no. You just need to press - release - and only then pull. Instructions for this and given to tell how.BLOCKS: EVERY 20 LEVELS. In order to open the next block, you need to go through the previous one ideally (for 3 coins). If you come across a very difficult level for you - you can choose an easier way:- complete the level using video passing,- complete the level using extra coins.Extra coins are easy to earn: just watch a 30-second promotional video - and the new coin will fall into your wallet. Unlike many other games, here you can earn rounds as much as you like. To do this, it is enough to open any (even earlier passed) level and click on the purple "earn" button.Those who do not want to disable the adblock (or prefer to play in places where the Internet is not available), can simply purchase the necessary amount of extra money. Or buy a video passage.Bobo’s Trouble is a humor, puzzle, timekiller, and is just a very interesting fun game. Download, play - you will not regret!

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Technical Information

  • Name
    Bobo's Trouble
  • PriceFree
  • Version1.4.3
  • RequiresAndroid 4.0+
  • Updated2021-12-07
  • DeveloperNepix
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