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Welcome to the universe of Block Story - a challenging and addictive block game that will bring a lot of fun to you!

Block Story is a novice-friendly addictive game, that has constant changes during the game progress, ensuring that you never get bored. With your efforts, Mary will start a brand new life in her hometown.

It’s not just an ordinary block puzzle game, but a whole new gaming world based on the traditional concept and able to bring fresh sensation for the familiar gameplay.

Main features:

✔Simple rules, comfortable control

✔Smooth animation and splendid graphic design

✔Interesting story and chapters that bring you a lot of fun.

✔Two Modes: Normal and Challenges

✔Variety of challenges with different difficulties

✔Different tools that you can use for passing the levels

✔Always progressing to make you beat your own score

✔Daily challenges for the long-lasting gaming experience

Normal mode:

✔Use your best skills and strategy to score as much as possible in one round

✔Game board with no stress and no time limits

Challenges mode:

✔Unlock new interesting chapters

✔Various sizes of the game board with creative stages

✔The more lines you remove the higher prize you get

How to play:

✔Move blocks across the board

✔When blocks form a horizontal or vertical line, that line will disappear from the board

✔Once the block is fixed on the board, it can’t be moved.

✔When there is no space for the new block, the round is finished

Contact us:

We would be happy if you tell us any advice and suggestion about our game.

Our email address: [email protected]

Our goal is to deliver you a great gaming experience, so we will constantly work on making Block Story more interesting and positive.

Android 4.1+
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