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Observe, adapt, attract and drop! 💪💪 Check out the brand new 🔥 offline sorting game 🔥 designed to offer you maximum levels of satisfaction as you attract the colored beads and drop them into the matching colored bins. Filled with tons of sorter puzzles, this new bead sorting game is everything you are looking for in sorting games 2020.Try Bead Sort today! 🎉💕If you like to organize and tidy things up, just be a bead sorter. It’s your chance to show your skills and speed in this bead sort 3d game. And remember that, it’s not only a bead sorting game, but a color sorting game as well. Cheers!✨ How to play Bead Sort ✨Download and launch the gameDrag the magnet tube to attract the beads then drop them into the right bin.Be careful not to get falling beads outside the box!🚀🚀Features:* Simple and easy UI/UX* A 2020 IQ game for everyone* Stunning graphic elements and game effects* Smooth color sorting game play and responsive designs* Solve logic puzzles by color sorting skills* Hundreds of new challenging logic puzzle levels* Increased number of beads and bins to make consecutive levels challenging* Engaging and interactive sound effectsAre you all set to enter the arena of unlimited color pop logic gaming fun? Prepare yourself to think, adapt and overcome in this challenging brain teaser game out there. Download and play Bead Sort for FREE now! 👆👆

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Android 5.0+
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