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ASUS Digital Clock & Widget App Description

Asus Clock provides intuitive and clear UI for faster and easier access to local time, home time, setting alarms and using timer.

Key features

* Alarm

You can easily set the alarm to repeat daily, on weekdays, on weekends, or weekly.

* World Clock

This feature displays your home time and the local time of your location.

* Stopwatch

This feature gives you multiple lap times with a maximum time of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

* Timer

This feature lets you set multiple countdown timers. You can even assign a different alarm tone for each countdown.

* Ascending alarm

Alarm volume increases gradually.

* Auto snooze

You can enable automatic snooze to set snooze length and number of snoozes.

* Alarm tone selection

Customize your alarm tones by selecting them in your local storage or from external source.

Mobile, ASUSTek Computer Inc.
Android 5.0+
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