Apk Share Bluetooth - Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage APK

Apk Share Bluetooth - Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage app download for Android

Apk Share Bluetooth - Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage App Description


Apk Share Bluetooth

✰✰ - is a app manager that helps









Apk Sharer - Send Apk/Link

Using this app you can send apk or play store link easily by :

⚡ Bluetooth

⚡ Whatsapp

⚡ Email

⚡ NFC and etc.

It also gives you information about app sizes for transfer.

Easy Uninstaller - Multiple Quick Uninstaller

App will help you to find

last installed


more size

applications and Uninstall it easily in one click. You can also manage system apps, but without root permissions it's not possible uninstall it.

App Backup - Easiest backup tool

Bulk Apk Backup to SD card. FREE UP your device storage! Faster & Smaller.


✓ Multiple Apk Share - Transfer apps over bluetooth, email ,Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

✓ Multiple App Uninstall - Easy Uninstall multiple app faster in one click. Fast apk uninstaller.

✓ Multiple App Backup - Save multiple apk to SD card in one click.

✓ Copy multiple app Link to Clipboard

✓ Auto Apk Refresher - Refreshes App list on new install or uninstall

✓ Quick Sort - Sort by Name, Install Date, Size

✓ View App on Play Store

✓ Launch Selected Application

✓ Show System Applications

✓ Sweet & Usable interface

✓ Quick Search - Search your application easily by name

✓ Simple Animations

✓ App Informer - Shows selected and all application count and size based on your search filter

✓ Used Permissions - Shows used permissions by app



» You can not uninstall system application if root permissions does not exists.

» If you are not seeing app on list, try to use

Show System Apps


► Required permissions

→ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For Backup Apk to SD card

► Facebook- follow us

→ https://www.facebook.com/apksender

We are trying do best for you!



Why I not see some apk on list?

💡For system app you check the menu "Show System Apps"


Can I Share Apk to non Android devices?

💡Yes, if non android devices have bluetooth, email and etc. then you can send , but you can not run apk on non android device


Do both people need the app?

💡No , only sender need this app


How I can backup all app to SD card?

💡From menu choose "Select All" and then click "Backup"


How I can find more sized applications ?

💡Use Sort By Size. You can

change sort direction

in twice click.


How I can find recent installed applications?

💡Use Sort by Date.


How uninstall system app?

💡Using this apk uninstaller you can delete only downloaded applications. System app can not be uninstalled. But if you have root permission, then you can delete apk easily using uninstall button.

Lucky Developer
Android 4.0+
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APK Parser, ApkShare

Download Apk Share Bluetooth - Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage now

Download Apk Share Bluetooth - Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage APK