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The description of Ambulance Game

The Ambulance Game is a fantastic game that can be enjoyed by all ages. This matching game is a race against the clock, where players have to complete each stage within a certain time limit, in order to pass onto the next stage. The Ambulance Game for Kids consists of themed cards, all with a medical flavour to them. Contestants must match the various cards to each other. This is done by clicking or tapping on a certain card, and then tapping on a matching card in order to complete the link. However, links cannot be blocked by other cards. The Ambulance Games for Boys and Girls starts off with a round level of 100 seconds. Each level then gets 10 seconds shorter, so as you move further into the Ambulance Game Free, levels get tougher and tougher to play! This App might feel pretty easy when you first start, but as the levels get shorter and shorter, it becomes surprisingly difficult to complete the stage. If you get stuck in a stage, just use the Refresh button to mix up the cards. Alternatively you can press the Find button, which will find some links for you, a maximum of the three times. Don’t be put off by the Ambulance Siren! The Ambulance Game has sirens playing in the background to try to distract you, and so that the tension builds as the level progresses! Just like in real life, the sirens will get your adrenaline flowing. Ambulance Game is a great matching game for all. Test yourself against the second hand of the clock!Thanks to LandDub and Martypinso from for the great sounds.

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Technical Information

  • Name
    Ambulance Game
  • PriceFree
  • Version1.0
  • RequiresAndroid 2.1+
  • Updated2021-10-23
  • DeveloperYouPuzzleMe
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