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In general, Aikido does not use foot kicks, but in very special cases, foot techniques (ashi waza), are also taught. This too with notes to Aikidoka level and above. In Indonesia, ashi waza is hardly held.Aikido is suitable for small room fights as well as against multiple attackers, and can be studied by men and women of all ages. For children at least 10 years.In training, Aikido prioritizes a relaxed, relaxed body state. In a relaxed sense it is very different from soft. Relax, is centralized and controlled energy. So, learning Aikido is getting used to the condition of the body always relaxed. His body and muscles that have been conditioned in this relaxed relaxed state will be carried away in everyday life. Such conditions will produce a positive psychological atmosphere. The mind and body will be relaxed and conscious.An example is when you first go to the dentist. When you sit in the dentist's chair and your dentist says, just relax! Then you loosen the body muscles automatically. With the body along with the muscles that loosen in a controlled manner, it will create a sense of comfort, reduce emotional temperature.Relaxing conditions can also be found in yoga activities, hypnotheraphy, even though meditation, always emphasized in a condition of total relaxation to achieve alpha state.

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