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3D Rose Live Wallpaper Free App Description

Fully 3D live wallpaper depicting one of the most beautiful flowers - a rose. You can rotate flower with gestures by swiping through your home screens and scene will change its rotation according to touches.


• flower rotates as home screen changes

• tilt rose by swiping up and down

• photographic vignette to draw attention to flower

• easily access settings with double tap on home screen

• various color modes - vibrant or pastel colors; grayscale; black and white (the best for AMOLED screens); sepia and color isolation

Full version

of live wallpaper provides additional customization of flower color and background.


Immersive HD graphics are implemented in true 3D using OpenGL ES. App is well optimized and runs smoothly on all devices ranging from low-end phones to high-end tablets.

App uses system resources only when visible.

Oleksandr Popov
Android 6.0+
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