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1km - Neighbors, Groups, New relationships App Description

When needing village friends

if there's no one who can talk to?

around you

Let's communicate and get along with joining clubs!

Around you

Nice guys first ever met

Start a new relationship with hot buddies near neighbor

New friends, Various styles of meeting

Find new fun around you


who is near around me? '1km photo'

Because the photo view is in a line,

you can see 4 photos of your kiromi's photo around you at once!

Check what people are near close you,

be friend with ones you want to!

Comfortable anonymous bulletin board, '1km Say'

Are there any places that you can comfortably tell all the stories you want to?

The place you can sympathize and be consoled with the stories from daily things to the things that hard to say.

Where the people talk together, '1km' is that kind of place.

Real-time Chat with Kiromi who you want to be more friendly, '1km Chat'

Whenever, Wherever with Kiromi who your are interested,

you can chat with free chatting given everyday!

Meetings near my place, '1km Club'

You can get along with those who have same interests naturally, from gathering from neighborhood to talking of the hottest issue in real time.


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Terms of Location-Based Service : https://bit.ly/2VJW22l

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